Pushee Group and Message Content Ratings

All Pushee accounts have settings which 1) restrict content based upon user’s individual ratings preferences, 2) help users find the type of content that they’re interested in, and 3) help Pushee understand the type of media you are Pushing.

By appropriately marking your personal Content Rating preferences, as well as accurately setting the ratings for your Groups and any individual messages which may exceed your Group’s default settings, Pushee can automatically withhold the display of sensitive content to those users who have indicated they do not wish to see it, such as content containing violence or nudity. If you intend to regularly post such content, we ask that you please adjust your Content Rating settings.

To adjust your personal viewing setting:

1. Log in to your account within the Pushee mobile app.
2. From the Home page tough your Avatar to bring up the revolving settings menu.
3. Select the Settings gear icon.
4. Go to the account Content Ratings settings.
5. Select all of the categories of content you want to allow displayed within Pushee. These content settings are global and will limit the display of all content in all Pushee Groups which you join. Example: If you select E -Everyone, T -Teen and M-Mature, (and deselect A-Adult), then any content which has been posted by other users containing the rating A (Adult) will automatically be withheld (not displayed) in your account. In this example you would still see all content containing the ratings E, T or M.
(Note: The global Content Ratings selection can be updated at anytime. Changing the settings will immediately be reflected in the content displayed in the Groups you have joined, either by showing previously restricted messages or by hiding messages which had previously been viewable)

Set the default rating for a Pushee Group you create:

When Creating a new Group:
1. Continue through the New Group setup process to the “Visibility” page.
2. Select the default content rating to be applied to ALL messages you will Push to this Group. The rating you select (Everyone, Teen, Mature or Adult) will be used as the default rating for all messages Pushed within this Group. (Note: Each Group has its own default Content Rating).
3. You will have the ability to increase the rating for individual messages, but you will NOT have the ability to lower the rating of an individual message below that of its Group’s default.
4. These Group Settings can be modified at any time by going to “My Groups”, opening your Group and selecting the “settings” gear icon in the upper right corner.

Set the rating for an individual Pushee message in your Group:

1. When creating a new message the default Content Rating for the Group is displayed under the text box on the “New Push” screen.
2. To change the rating for this message tap the Content Rating icon and select the new rating from the list.
3. Note: You will not be able to set the rating for an individual message LOWER than the current Content Rating settings for the Group.
4. Complete the process for creating your new message as you normally would. Any Group members with content restrictions which include the content rating of this message will not see the message in their instance of your Group message feed.

What if I don’t change my Group or Message content rating settings and Push sensitive media?

If one of your Pushee messages is reported as incorrectly rated by your members, you will receive a notification of the member’s report so that you will have an opportunity to modify the rating if appropriate. Additionally the report will be sent to Pushee for review. If you do not change the rating and if we find that the media wasn’t rated accurately:
• We may change the rating of the message in question:
• We may also change the default Content Rating for the Group.
If you repeatedly upload media that is rated incorrectly, we may:
• Delete your group or your account permanently

Can I appeal a decision made by Pushee?

There is currently no way to appeal a decision by Pushee that permanently changes your account setting to Mark Groups or individual messages as containing material that may be sensitive in response to repeated mislabeling of sensitive content.