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With Pushee, users do not follow individuals. People can create as many groups as they want about whatever they want and people choose which groups to follow based on what they care about.

Lets face it. Not all of your followers care about all of the same things you do. Share the things that matter to the people that care the most and follow only the things you are interested in.

Cut the cross-talk.

Why does it feel like everybody loves to argue on the internet? We certainly don’t feel the same way. With pushee, every comment on a post is between the poster and the follower.

The other followers will not even be able to see that someone else commented, let alone what they said. Finally, you can find peace and calm in your online social media experience.


Not everything you share needs to be for everyone. Create private invitation only groups and control who can invite other people.

In every Pushee group, only the group owner can see who all the members are. Each group member is not able to see who the other followers are or any of their interactions within that group whether its a like, a comment, or how they vote in a poll.

Sometimes you need to go a step further within a group and target specific people with a post that may not be fit for everyone. Create slices of individuals that will receive specific messages without anyone knowing.

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